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Institut d'Astrophysique et
de Géophysique (Bât. B5c)

Quartier Agora
Allée du 6 août, 19C
B-4000 Liège 1 (Sart-Tilman)

Tel.: 04.366.9779
Fax: 04.366.9729

Master in Cosmos Exploration

Organization of the academic year

The calendar of the academic year is marked by several important dates. The first one is the start of the teaching activities, in mid September. For a closer look at the organization of the academic year, including teaching and exam periods, along with other noteworthy dates, please have a look at the Academic calendar given below.

The schedule for typical weeks of the first and second terms is presented below:

University of Liège > Faculty of Sciences > Department of Astrophysics, Geophysics and Oceanography : CoWebAGO, May 2015.