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Institut d'Astrophysique et
de Géophysique (Bât. B5c)

Quartier Agora
Allée du 6 août, 19C
B-4000 Liège 1 (Sart-Tilman)

Tel.: 04.366.9779
Fax: 04.366.9729

Master in Space Sciences


Conditions for admission

The 2-year Master in Space Sciences (120 credits) is directly accessible to students who have a bachelor degree in Physics or in Civil Engineering, or any undergraduate degree considered to be equivalent by the Board of examiners.

Students with a degree in other science disciplines (Chemistry, Mathematics, Geology...) can also access the Master but may be asked to take up additional credits.

Students with any other background should contact us to obtain more specific information about the access conditions.

Students with a Master degree in Physics or Engineering (or any equivalent master degree) can directly access a modified version of the 2nd year of the Master in Space Sciences and finalize it in 60 credits.

Deadlines for application

Students coming from the European Union: 15 August

Students coming from outside the European Union: 30 April

Candidates should refer to this web page and complete the "First contact form".

University of Liège > Faculty of Sciences > Department of Astrophysics, Geophysics and Oceanography : CoWebAGO, May 2015.